Grove Park Home

The Dragon Boat Festival is a great fit for Grove Park Home. An event that supports the whole community while allowing us to raise money for our Home is a perfect combination. We use the Dragon Boat Festival to connect with our stakeholders. Our team is made up of staff, family members, friends, Board members and business partners. We are not a competitive team, but with this style of festival, that is not an issue; community is the word of the day, not competition. That being said, when the horn blows, a good deal of adrenaline raises our paddles and we strive to do our very best.

The day itself is super organized and the “village” has a positive vibe all day long. Teams spill out of their tents and mingle with fellow Dragon Boaters, making new friends and offering support and encouragement. For Grove Park Home, the Festival is about camaraderie for sure, but it is also a significant fundraiser for the Home. The Geri-Antics team powers our boat, but the financial success comes from friends, families and our business partners by way of sponsorships. Funds raised at the Festival support the purchase of resident care items and other Home needs. Win-Win! View Grove Park Home Barrie Dragon Boat Festival for a PowerPoint on how Barrie Dragon Boat Festival supports Grove Parks Home! 

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