Grove Park Home

Grove Park Home is a charitable not-for-profit Long-Term Care Home established in Barrie in 1968. The Home provides care for 143 Long Term Care residents as well as offering Retirement Living suites and an Adult Day Program.

Grove Park Home and their dragon boat team, the GeriAntics, have been participating in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival for 7 years! The GeriAntics team has won the Tim Horton’s Top Fundraising Team of the Year Cup multiple times to further support the advancement of services at Barrie’s Grove Park Home!



The Barrie Public Library provides Grove Park with a “turnkey” opportunity to be at a public event without the burden of producing our event on a scale such as the Dragon Boat Festival. Allowing charities, and businesses that support charities, participate creates a unique opportunity to join together at a tested and true event.

– Linda Muszynski, Director of Development & Communications at Grove Park


The GeriAntics take great pride in winning the Tim Horton’s Top Fundraising Team of the Year Cup, and they look forward to returning to the water each summer to raise money on behalf of Grove Park. The Barrie Dragon Boat Festival is the organization’s best external fundraising event, raising over $30,000 in 2019 to support resident care at Grove Park Homes!

Even the COVID-19 pandemic could not stop Grove Park from fundraising through dragon boating! The team created a mock-festival so that they could continue to raise funds for resident care needs. They then took to social media to share their efforts through fun videos shared with their supporters. Despite the lack of an organized lakefront festival, Grove Park Homes was able to meet their fundraising goals, as if it were business as usual! Way to go GeriAntics!!!


The Barrie Dragon Boat Festival brings people together in the local community and Grove Park looks forward to being part of the festivities! Whether you are paddling, fundraising, or cheering from the shore, everyone gets to take part in the excitement and joy of race day!


If you have not participated in the BDF before, you should really consider getting involved. It does not have to be competitive and the impact to local charities is significant.

– Linda Muszynski, Director of Development & Communications at Grove Park


Thank you, Grove Park, for your continued support of the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival, and your phenomenal fundraising spirit! The GeriAntics truly know how to put the FUN in fundraising!