Barrie Police Service

My first foray into the world of dragon boating was in 2005 for the Full Moon 24-hour relay, on Kempenfelt Bay. Probably a little ambitious for a first-timer but it was a challenge and something different for our organization to get involved in. Those of us that participated still talk about that event and a few are still paddling.
When the Barrie Public Library began hosting the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival, I gathered a team together from Barrie Police Service for several reasons – it’s a great community event that combines sport, competition, charity and teamwork. We’ve entered a team for the past several years with a core group returning each year. We get to share some laughs, work hard as a team and enjoy one of Barrie’s greatest assets – the bay – while interacting with other agencies, groups and residents.
Our team members are not diligent about practices, so I am always slightly surprised and thrilled when we post excellent race results! We’ve collected medals each year and are always aiming for the top prize.
The Barrie Police Service receives many requests to assist local charities and organizations and it’s difficult to respond to all. We choose a different charity each time we participate in the Festival and are always humbled by the thanks and appreciation we receive from those charities.

Barrie Police Service