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Festival Awards

Community Awards

There are three community awards. Winning team receives one keeper plaque.


Spirit Award

Awarded to the team showing great team spirit throughout the event.

Best Dressed Team Award

Awarded to the best dressed team – judged throughout the event.


Bruce Saunders Rookie Team of the Year Award

This award honours the memory of Bruce Saunders who always gave so much of his time and talents encouraging and coaching teams here in Barrie, from our first year in 2003 through to 2008. Bruce always took great joy in introducing “newbies” to the sport. Awarded to a brand new team showing such traits as enthusiasm and skill and joy on the water.


Challenge Cups

(Special thanks to all our challenge cup sponsors)

Awarded to the team who had the fastest race time of the day within that challenge grouping.

The Challenge Cups are awarded to the winning teams for a period of one year. The challenge cups are awarded to the team during the Awards Ceremony and teams are encouraged to take photos at that time. All challenge cups will remain at the Barrie Public Library Festival Office. If the winner would like to hold the cup on a temporary basis, please contact the Festival Office. In addition to the challenge cup, the winning team receives 25 engraved medals.

  • Teams must register to be in a Challenge Cup category
    • Every team will fit into the criteria of at least one challenge cup category
    • If your team fits more than one category then you must choose which to enter as each team can only enter one challenge cup

Awards and criteria is as follows:


The CFB Borden Dragon Masters Challenge Cup

Open to teams from sectors of the Armed Forces. 50% of paddlers on the team must be currently serving members of the military. (Sponsored by CFB Borden)


The Anna Kwan Breast Cancer Challenge Cup

Open to breast cancer survivor teams. Designation as a breast cancer survivor team must be noted on your registration form. (Sponsored by Superior Home Health Care)


The Moore Packaging Corporate Challenge Cup

Open to teams from businesses legally defined as a corporation. (Sponsored by Moore Packaging)


Karen Saunders Womens Division Challenge Cup

This awards is named after Karen Saunders an avid dragon boater in the Barrie community who is battling Glioblastoma. All teams who have a female only roster can sign up for this challenge cup.  This is open to teams who are also participating in the Anna Kwan Breast Cancer Challenge Cup.

The Health & Wellness Challenge Cup

Open to teams from organizations or businesses in the service area of wellness, i.e. hospital, dentistry, chiropractic, nursing home; etc. Notify the Festival office of the service you provide. Please call the Festival office if you need clarification.


The Barrie Public Library Charity Challenge Cup

Open to teams entered from a registered charity. The charitable registration number of the charity must be submitted to the Festival office. (Sponsored by the Festival Host, Barrie Public Library)

Barrie Champions Trophy

This trophy is awarded each year to the Barrie based team which places highest in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival. The trophy is awarded for a period of one year. In addition, the winning team receives 25 engraved medals.


Divisional Awards

Divisional Awards

We run 5 divisions comprised of 8 teams each. Each division has a top 4 group and a consolation group of 4.

  1. Platinum (top division)
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Bronze
  5. Copper