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  • 2018 Barrie Dragon Boat Festival

    Welcome to the 2018 Barrie Dragon Boat Festival season! We appreciate your patience as our team continues to update content on various pages to reflect this year’s event.

    A few reminders for Team Captains:

    • Register your team here! If you are not a Team Captain, but would like to join a team, please click here!
    • In order for your team to be fully registered, your Team Captain must submit both your team’s online registration as well as registration payment.
    • Early Bird pricing of $1,000.00 is available January 31, 2018 until March 31, 2018 and includes one complimentary practice! Starting April 1, 2018, registration fees will increase to $1,200.00 and will not include a complimentary practice. Practices however, can be purchased through the event office for an additional $110.00 per session  and include a steersperson.
    • Fully registered teams can also request their practices online. Please refer to your User Manual for step-by-step instructions. As always, practices are contingent on steers person availability, water temperatures and weather. Our expected starting date for practices is June 11, 2018 so please ensure you are not requesting practices before this date.
    • Your full digital roster and all teammates e-waivers must be complete before your first practice. Paddlers without a complete waiver or are not listed on your team’s roster will not be permitted in the Dragon Boats. Please note: there are no hardcopy documents going forward, this is to help with our event’s greening efforts.
    • Important dates to remember! Please be sure to have one representative (Captain or Co-Captain) attend the following meetings:
      • Team Captain Meeting #1
        • Tuesday June 5, 2018
        • 6:30pm – 8:00pm
        • Barrie Public Library, Downtown Branch (Angus Ross Meeting Room)
      • Team Captain Meeting #2
        • Tuesday, August 14, 2018
        • 6:30pm to 8:00pm
        • Barrie Public Library, Downtown Branch (Angus Ross Meeting Room)
      • Other Important Dates:
        • August 1, 2018 – Deadline for Final Team Information including; Team Name, Charity of Choice and challenge cup.
        • August 1, 2018- Deadline for final changes to team e-roster and all corresponding waivers.
        • August 20, 2018 – Deadline for fundraising totals, online and offline.

    A Reminder regarding building your team:

    A team roster is allowed to hold up to 25 crew members. All teams registered for The Barrie Dragon Boat Festival must have a minimum of 8 female paddlers for a total race compliment of 20 paddlers and 1 drummer in the race boat for each race. If you have your own steersperson you may carry 26 members on your roster. If your team does not have a steersperson one will be supplied by the Festival, at no cost to your team. We strongly encourage all teams to train their own steersperson. Under special circumstances, and only by approval of the Festival Office, a team roster may be expanded; e.g. for health reasons. Requests for an expanded roster must be received before July 31 of the event year. Note: teams with an expanded roster will still receive a maximum of 25 festival gifts. All registered team members must be sixteen (16) years of age or older in the year of competition and no team member under the age of eighteen (18) will be allowed to practice or race without written consent and a e-waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. 

    Paddles up! Enjoy the season.

    Should you have any questions, or experience any issues, please contact the Festival Office. We’re happy to help.

    Katelyn Lees

    705-728-1010 ext.7039