2006 Award Winning Teams

Our 2006 Festival saw dragon boating with a difference!

This year Barrie Public Library’s annual Barrie Dragon Boat Festival saw high winds put a stop to racing plans … but teams were invited to participate in a dragon boat tug-of-war competition in the sheltered waters of the docks area.

Pairs of competing teams each put 4 males and 4 females in either end of the dragon boat, facing away from the centre of the boat. The dragon boat paddled out and then the centre of the boat was aligned with the starting mark. Upon the call of the starter teams then paddled against each other, pulling the boat in opposite directions and trying to tug the other team across the starting mark. The winning team then progressed forward in this knockout competition.

Our Diamond Dragons Kings Buffet, announced that everyone had moved into Platinum standings for the event and that the award paddles would be handed out. The dragon boat tug-of-war was a great fun event with much excitement as teams went head to head (or back to back as the case may be) to win!

Although we were all disappointed that the winds made it impossible to race, Festival day saw lots of team spirit and fun as everyone enjoyed the social activities plus the dragon boat tug-of-war. Barrie Public Library and the Festival Committee recognise how much work our teams put into being with us for the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival. Paddles up!

Dragon Boat Tug -of-war competition
Place Team Organization
1st Aerarium Dabblers Aerarium Corporation
2nd Gilda’s Dream Team Gilda’s Club of Barrie
3rd Barrie Nissan Muscle Movers Simcoe County Muscular Dystrophy and ALS Society


Spirit Award
Wamco Fountains of Youth (Wamco)
Best Dressed Team
Knight-a-dragon (Knights of Columbus)
Best Cheer
Candlelighters Courageous Cancer Kids (Candlelighters Simcoe)