Busch Buccaneers

The DragonBoat Festival has had a huge impact on my life! I was athletic when I was young, but a bad knee sidelined me from Competitive sports. DragonBoating has brought back the thrill of completion for me. The exhilaration of the start, the digging deeper and deeper into your well as you feel the other boats beside you and then burying yourself to drive across the line…and then the fatigue and satisfaction of knowing that you gave it everything you had, driven on by the 19 people around you who have driven their paddles into the water in lock step with you, giving it everything they have.

DragonBoating is special as it is about improving yourself, but doing it in harmony with your entire team as one amazing DragonBoating machine.

I am a poor swimmer and have a fear of the water. DragonBoating has helped me face that fear and has built my comfort with the water. Another woman on our team had even more concerns about the water and she was our Rookie of the Year. She even wrote and sang an awesome song about our team!

I have lived near the Bay, but had never spent much time at it. Now I bike the water front 2 or 3 times a week on the way to DragonBoating. Now we are installing donated gym equipment along the waterfront, which would not have happened if DragonBoating had not brought me there.

We go for beer often after practices. We enjoy each other’s company and we have our sense of community. We do season start parties, season ending parties and we socialize all day long during the Regattas. We paddle hard at practice, then we rest and talk and joke and then we paddle again. We paddle hard and it is amazing exercise. Such a great core workout…not arms..like people would think. It never feels like ‘working out’, which I don’t generally enjoy. You’re on the water, it’s pretty and you are with great people who share your interest. You are focusing on constantly improving your stroke and skill while being in tune and harmony with all of your team mates.

I may never have been in better shape. There are people on our team who have lost lots of weight and have gotten in shape from DragonBoating.

Our team is creating leadership. We have many people who are stepping up to help and to lead and create.

The DragonBoat Community through DragonBoat Barrie is great. I paddled with 4 different teams at Regattas this year and enjoyed all of them.

One of our paddlers has a daughter with Cystic Fibrosis. Adopting CF as one of our Charities to support them felt great. Our team and 2 other teams, have helped put in a well in Dekpor, Ghana to bring clean water to 5,000 people. What an amazing impact from doing something fun!

On every community team, there will be those that get the ‘DragonBoating Bug’ and will want to take it further. I love that fact that we have a great Dragon Boat Club where you can go from Learn to Paddle courses with other new paddlers right through to super competitive paddling on high calibre teams. I also love that it is a low impact sport that is easy on the body, with many people in their 80s who paddle regularly.

It’s hard to express the huge positive impact that DragonBoating has had on my life and I am so appreciative of the Library for creating this great Community Event.

Thank you for asking!

Busch Buccaneers